Historic Change Continues: Challenges and Opportunities

Amherst Town Hall
Amherst Town Hall

In November 2018 and November 2021, I was honored to be elected and re-elected as District 1 Councilor to the Town Council. Creation of the Council marked a historic change for Amherst. One that is still evolving!

I am running for re-election for a third term with the central goals of seeing the new elementary school move from design to construction and continuing to use my skills as an economist to address Amherst’s fiscal challenges.

My experience on the Council will provide a strong base to build on as we look to the future. My co-councilors and fellow committee members have elected me Chair of the Elementary School Building Committee, the Joint Capital Planning Committee, and Vice Chair of the Finance Committee.

My Top Priorities for Action Include:

  • Build a new elementary schoolthat supports a strong educational program and provides a model of green “net-zero” construction
  • Repair roads and sidewalks
  • Prioritize spending on urgent needs to minimize taxpayer impact
  • Ensure that development enhancesour neighborhoods, protects open space and farms, provides affordable housing, and addresses climate change.
  • Advocate for North Amherst neighborhood concerns:sidewalks, intersections, speed limits, and opportunities to enhance our community

We have a back-log of important capital needs, including our roads, Department of Public Works Building and Fire Station.

We must also assure adequate budgets for our schools and essential Town services, including alternatives to traditional policing. The next two years will require difficult choices and setting priorities. If re-elected, I will seek creative solutions and to build consensus, with financial accountability.

I will draw on my experience as a policy analyst and public activist as well as my years on the Town Council. I have been active in debates about zoning, public safety solutions, analysis of the Town’s budget, keeping voting polls open, and bylaws.

As Councilor, I will continue to work to sustain and enhance the vibrancy and diversity that makes Amherst such a special place. Success will depend on a Council that values transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, and keeping open-minds.

I have skills and expertise that fit well with the Town’s need for financial analysis, and affordable approaches to moving forward. Trained as an economist, I have more than forty-five years of experience working on pressing public concerns, with in-depth knowledge of health insurance and public finance. I have the ability to analyze complex issues and find paths forward that address concerns,

Amherst has been my family’s home for more than 40 years and given much to all of us. To give back, I commit to listen, weigh choices, and continue be a strong independent voice for residents of District 1 and all of Amherst.

I am honored to have been endorsed by the Sierra Club in 2019, for my ideas for and commitment to energy initiatives in Amherst.

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